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"Angels Among Us"

"Oh I believe there are angels among us.
Sent down to us from somewhere up above.
They come to you and me in our darkest hours.
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give.
To guide us with a light of love."

Midi supplied by: Jeff's Midi's

Excerpt from "Angels Among Us" Recorded by Alabama, in 1993.
(Album: Cheap Seats)

Littleton, Colorado
April 20th 1999

Dave Sanders
Science Teacher

Lauren Townsend
Age: 18

John Tomlin
Age: 16

Rachel Scott
Age: 17

Isaiah Shoels
Age: 18

Cassie Bernall

Corey Depooter
Age: 17

Kelly Fleming
Age: 16

Matthew Ketcher
Age: 16

Daniel Mauser
Age: 15

Kyle Velasquez

Steven Curnow

Daniel Rohrbough

Springfield, Oregon
May 21st 1998

Mikael Nicklauson
Age: 17

Ben Walker
Age: 16

Accused also took his parent's lives:

William Kinkel
Age: 59

Faith Kinkel
Age: 57

Fayetteville, Tennessee
May 19th 1998

Robert Creson

Edinboro, Pennsylvania
April 24th 1998

John Gillette
Science Teacher

Jonesboro, Arkansas
March 28th 1998

Natalie Brooks
Age: 11

Paige Ann Herring
Age: 12

Stephanie Johnson
Age: 12

Brittney Varner
Age: 11

Shannon Wright
Age: 32

West Paducah, Kentucky
December 1st 1997

Kayce Steger
Age: 15

Jessica James
Age: 17

Nichole Hadley
Age: 14

Pearl, Mississippi
October 1st 1997

Christina Menefree
Age: 16

Lydia Dew
Age: 17

Accused also took his mother's life:

Mary Woodham
Age: 50

West Palm Beach, Florida
January 27th 1997

John Pierre Kamel

St. Louis, Missouri
February 29th 1996


Moses Lake, Washington
February 2nd 1996

Manuel Vela
Age: 14

Arnold Fritz
Age: 14

Leona Caires
Math Teacher

Grayson, Kentucky
January 18th 1993

Deanna McDavid

Marvin Hicks

Olivehust, California
May 1st 1992

4 students

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