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Bryce meaning "quick"..Matthew meaning"gift of god"
Bryce Matthew meaning "quick gift of god"
Born: April 6th, 1979 / Died: Nov.2nd, 1998

EaStSiDeCORT.. He was a loving , reasurring, caring man... He loved everyone, and always managed to find the good, even in the worst people,... But tragically I lost my dear friend Cort, to a fatal ATV accident on Nov 2nd,1998... He was only 19 years old, and we only knew each other for a short time, in the whole reality of it all.. but he will always be apart of me,, for the things he said, or the support he gave, no matter what he will always be my friend.

The day I found out you had left us all.. I think a small peice of me died with you,..I learned to trust again with you Cort, No one could have given that to me but you. You were a strong loving person, That's what I needed.., I'll never forget the memories we made together and the time we shared.... I know I can never get those moments back, But I'm so glad they happened. I love you Cort, I always will.. There will be a special place in my heart for you always....That is why the page was made,,For you Cort,, because you where so special and touched the lives of so many.. I don't know for sure if you'll ever see this page.. but if you do I really hope you realize how much you were loved by us all..

There were so many of us that knew and loved Cort..For so many different reasons....You never quite knew what to expect from Cort.. That is what was so special about him. He would always say something really strange out of no where,, . He could make anyone laugh, and I think he really enjoyed doing so. Cort was the sweetest man I'd ever known on Prodigy.. and I was surely blessed the day I met him.. He gave things to us that no one else could.. a hope for a better day, or a smile when one needed it the most..For that I thank you Cort...You were an individual.. You dared against the normal.. You were definitely and inspiration to us all....

Why is Bryce "My Reason"?

Well, to make a very long story short. Bryce is "My Reason" beacuse of many things. He inspired me to take an intrest into HTML. His memory inspired these pages. And It was my way of grieving my loss of him, in an everlasting way. I love him and will miss him dearly, but I hold in my heart his memory..That will stay with me for a lifetime.