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Bryce's Friends and Thoughts!


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Bryce was the bestest friend I've ever had in my life so far, and he will probably always hold that title. When we first met we wern't friends to say the least, but over time a friendship grew. Always making me smile when I was havinng a bad day, just being someone who would listen no matter what. He trusted me with his deepest darkest secrets, and I trusted him with mine. What we had was even more then a friendship and it seems like I'm not doing it justice calling it that. We were so close, I wish I knew how many times people thought we were going out, but I can't count that high. I asked him out many times to he always turned me down though, little stupid head. He finally gave me a good reason though so I understood. He said 'I don't want to mess up what we have' that meant so much to me. Even though it was a lie, seeing as how he went and died on me. He always critized my choice in guys, but he never did anything to change it what a dork dont ya think? He was such a sweetheart though and I know it's only been a couple of months, but I already miss him so much more then anyone could ever imagine. It's like someone reached inside me and riped out half of who I am. The scariest thing is that life is never going to be the same without him and that's really scary because how are you supposed to live the rest of your life without half of yourself?Stephanie (aka Baby25)

Cort and I were very good friends when i had heard about his death it came to a shock to me it felt like a really bad nightmare that i just could't wake up to he was a really great guy he will be missed by many so in return of his friendship i would like to tell u all alittle about cort that i can remember....When i first met Cort i hated him because he messed with a friend of mine some of u remember this friend as DiabloTerror anyways me and terror used to gang up on Cort but then i was like well wait a min maybe hes not a bad guy so i got to know Cort for the person he was ..He was the type of guy every girl ever wanted sure we had problems in our friendship but what friendship doesn't i knew alot about cort we shared our problems helped eachother with our problems friends like that don't come often i kinda wish he was still around cuz lord knows i have problems i need to talk to him about without cort i don't know what to do :~< let me get off the subject for a min here when i heard cort had died my world ended it felt like someone took a big knife and ripped my heart out i tokk it harder then i thought i would i think i would feel the same way if any of my other close friends died on me all i can say is i wish his family the best... JaZZy

Dear Lord: An angel has come to meet you, he was so young. But I have to trust in you Lord, for you know best. I guess it was his time to go home and be witrh you and all the angels. We will miss him, as you know. But we also know that he is within your loven arms,and with angels there to guide him. So Lord under- stand, we are lonely without him. Give us peace and guide us also with your mighty arms of trust. Let the angels show him light and let us always know he looks apon us with a smile and knows he was loved. We will miss you Cort, but I know you're with the Father in Heaven, and all them pretty angels too, so you have fun and be at peace, and you know we all will meet again someday. We wont need these puter's either. Rest and know that you are in good hands.Till we meet Cort,SiNNeR