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Submit A Memorial

I know how hard it is to lose someone. Every person feels differently, they grieve differently .. that is what makes us "individuals"! Our Diffences, render themselves in art, music, Raising our kids,, our differences is what makes us who we are. That's what this page is about.. Losing someone, a way to grieve, and indivuality. I Know how hard a time can be (when you've lost a loved one). I am offering Bryce's Memorial Pages to everyone now. If you have a link, you'd like to place in the Memorials or you don't know HTML and would like me to do it, ,, that is ok too.. Free of Charge! I just want you to know I am here.. At your service! :)

Steps: Firstly you need to EMail with the link or the kind of memorial you so choose.(That's about it for a link :) Please put in the subject line "Submit Memorial" Secondly, We gotta Chat a little, I need to know all the details :) But I'm pretty easy going.. and can adapt to whatever your tastes! Thirdly.. I will work as hard as I can to produce a page we both can enjoy! As fast as I can.. (I do have a lil one, and work.. so you may have to cut me a break!)

NOTE! This offer is only good for PAGES! not SITES! If you need an example,, Please Refer to the Index of Memorials on the HOME Page! Thanks ALL!!.. But with the time it takes for Sites.. I'd have to charge!


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